Plant of the Month: Ceropegia Linearis 'String of Needles'

Plant of the Month: Ceropegia Linearis 'String of Needles'

Ceropegia linearis

Most commonly known as 'String of Needles', is the perfect plant for busy people! She's super easy to take care of and will survive even if you forget to water her. She's our Plant of the Month and here's a little more about her.


Ceropegia linearis is an epiphytic and lithophytic species, that is, it grows on trees or rocks, respectively. Originating from South Africa, this species was first discovered in 1836 by German botanist, Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer. 'Linearis' refers to the plant's long, blade-like leaves.


String of Needles prefers bright, indirect sunlight and prefers the soak and dry method of watering. Like all succulents, she's well adapted to tolerate limited watering. Their thick, fleshy leaves and stems, as well as their enlarged roots, allow them to retain water so that they do not need watering as frequently as other plants. However, don't leave her sitting in water and don't leave an excess amount of water. Make sure you use a well-drained soil mix, as with all other succulents


In the spring, String of Needles will produce small clusters of flowers, which will last up to one week once opened. The flowers can grow up to one inch long and are white to pale magenta in color.


String of Needles is classified as slightly poisonous, so homes with young children and pets should take extra care or avoid this plant altogether. If eaten, it may lead to vomiting and nausea. If eaten in large quantities, medical assistance should be sought immediately.

Ceropegia Linearis 'String of Needles'

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