Our plant story started from scratch in a small studio apartment in NYC, with a goal to bring nature in your home

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Specialize in rare and uncommon Aroids. Brooklyn based, shipped to your home.


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We source directly from top-rated growers, we can sell the finest quality plants at the very best prices.

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We’ll bring your plants to your door. If you’re not 100% happy, tell us!

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We’ll send you a free plant-parenting instruction card and our plant doctors are always on call.

Reviews From Others

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I’m truly a satisfied and happy customer! I received the beautiful Begonia Maculata in impeccable shape and condition. It was so carefully packaged where the leaves were not traumatized by the journey from across the country! The plant is so stunning and unique! It makes me so happy to admire it every day. You can’t see in the pictures but the leaves are are green on the front/top but when light hits on the other side, you can see the beautiful red tone as well as the shimmery white polka dots. I look forward to see this beautiful plant grow more. Thank you so much PlantTheStudio for taking great care of this beauty! 🤩🤩🤩

Both plants arrived in perfect condition. They were full and very healthy. I was shocked at the quality of these two. Better than anything I’ve purchased online or even in stores.

The seller was amazing to work with! On my first order, one of the multiple heat packs failed and despite the outstanding packing job, one of the plants got damaged. She immediately offered to replace it, and it arrived in pristine condition! It’s even more beautiful then the pictures! I will definitely be buying from this shop again. Beautiful plants and they take excellent care of their customers!

Gorgeous plant. Everything I have ordered from this shop has been growing beautifully, so I thought I’d get one of my wish list plants from them. Thank you so much!! So surprised by the size and all the splash!! Thank you so much!! LOVE IT!!

Amazing packaging! My doorbell camera showed the postman TOSSING the box onto my porch—I was LIVID. Got home ready to be in tears about broken leaves but the package was built to avoid a bomb! Looks great and so happy to have my little polka dot angel wing! Thank you!!