About International Order / Wholesale


Plants are freshly imported, may or may not have roots.

After placing order, the timeframe will be 10-15 days for us to select the plants and prepare all necessary import documentation before your order is dispatched. Actual shipping time is estimated to be between 2-8 days depending on the shipping option and Custom's processing speed. In short, the entire process takes around 2-3 weeks.

Once an order is placed, we will confirm the plant quantity and other shipping/custom information via email.

Any paid shipping costs or costs for phytosanitary certificates are NOT refundable.

**Feel free to contact us for further details**

Fee Schedule

Phytosanitary certificate costs $39, Free Phyto for orders over $500

Country Shipping Fee Phyto. Cert. Days in Transit Remark
Wholesale, Min Order $300
Free Free, ship from US 2 - 4 No Permit Required
USA (Import from Asia) $29,
Free Shipping over $300
Free Phyto over $500
5 - 8 Within 12 Plants OR with Import Permit. 
Canada $29,
Free Shipping over $300
5 - 8 Purchase Phyto. need Import Permit
United Kingdom $49,
Free Shipping over $300
10 - 14 Purchase Phyto. need Import Permit


Import Duty & Fees

We will not provide refund in relation to the confiscation, abandonment or return of parcel or any issue to the package due to customs, courier and other shipping delays.

Customers are responsible for paying all import duties, fees or surcharges to comply with your local law standards. In case any of such duty or fee is imposed, you will be notified by the courier via phone call, text message, or email. Please pay the relevant duty or fee ASAP to expedite customs clearance procedures.