What to Do When You Receive the TC Plug

What to Do When You Receive the TC Plug

Congratulations on receiving your TC Plug! To ensure the successful growth and health of your plants, follow these steps:

Why do we use plugs, and what are they?

TThe plugs are made with organic coco coir and peat, utilizing OMRI-listed ingredients. They are pH balanced and pre-moistened with a proprietary nutrient blend and beneficial fungi, perfect for acclimating TC plantlets. Additionally, the plugs will dissolve into the medium within a year, so there's no need to remove the plants from the plugs.

1. Unpacking: Upon receiving your package, delicately unpack the plants with care to avoid any damage to the leaves or roots.

2. Placement: Choose an appropriate location for your plants, as they thrive in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent stress or scorching. Opt for a spot with filtered sunlight for optimal growth.

3. Watering: Our plugs are thoughtfully designed to store the right amount of water for your TC plantlet. Water your plants mindfully, ensuring the plugs do not dry out. We recommend watering once a week, adjusting as needed for the humidity of your home. Water more often if you notice the plant drying out, as some home environments can be on the drier side.
4. Temperature Considerations: Maintain a consistent temperature suitable for your specific plants. While TC plants generally prefer slightly warmer conditions, be aware of the temperature preferences of each individual plant species. For winter care, consider providing the plant with high humidity or even a dome to counter the temperature drop and dry air.

Last Step: Repotting

Around a month after the plug has acclimated to your space, it's time to repot! Use a 3-3.5" pot with well-draining soil, creating a hole that matches the plug size. The term "plug" is fitting because when you repot the plant, simply plug it into the soil! It's a simple, easy, and clean process. Again, you don't need to remove the plant from the plug when you repot, as the plug will dissolve into the medium within a year. Now, patiently wait for the plant to grow and thrive.

By following these comprehensive care instructions, you'll create the optimal environment for your acclimated TC plants to flourish. If you have any specific questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy gardening!

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