Pest Control for Plants

Pest Control for Plants

Pest Control for Plants

Tending a garden can be a challenge. Plants need a lot of care and attention. Different plants have their own specific needs that must be met if they are to survive and thrive. One common problem that occurs is pest infestation. Pests can attack no matter how many precautions you may take. Even indoor plants are not immune from pest attacks.

Pests are malicious organisms that eat and destroy plants. Many different types of pests target different types of plants.

Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation

Dealing with pest infestation is hard. However, steps can be taken to prevent pests from attacking plants. Here are some ways you can keep pests at bay:

Be careful with watering

While plants need water to grow and thrive, it must be noted that too much water is also not good. Every plant variety requires a specific amount of water, not too little or too much. Moisture attracts pests, and this can be an issue.

Keep your garden clean

Fallen leaves or other organic materials provide a suitable environment for bacteria and pests to grow in. It is important to keep the ground clean and free of any organic material.

Check plants for pests and clean plants regularly

Regularly inspect the plants for any kind of pests or diseases. This is not just applicable to new plants but also to your existing ones as well. Isolate the new plants from the existing ones for a month to minimize pest infestation.

Pests can attack throughout the year but especially right around spring. It is recommended that you do a thorough cleaning of your plants every three months. Use a simple leaf shiner to gently clean all your plants and keep them pest free. (Here is a DIY leaf shiner recipe)

Mix in 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar with 2 drops of dish wash and 2 drops of coconut oil in 4 cups of water. Soak a microfiber cloth in the mixture to clean all your plants. This leaf shiner will give your plants a bright, dust-free look and get rid of any pests and bacteria.

Products to Control Pests

Preventing a pest infestation is nearly impossible. This is why pest control using pesticides is the ultimate solution. There are many varieties of pesticides available. Some pesticides are general and deal with a whole host of insects, while others are more targeted. It is best to do some research and find out which type of pesticide will work for the pest infestation your plants are suffering from.

Regardless, here are the top three pesticides you can use to effectively deal with pest infestation:

Bonide Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew

One of the best insect repellents in the market, the Bonide Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew is the perfect mite killer for organic gardening. It can be used to control the population of many different insects, including spider mites, thrips and mealy bugs. The pesticide uses a naturally occurring active ingredient as an insect killer, which means it is suitable for organic gardening.

The pesticide comes in a convenient spray bottle which is ready for immediate use. Simply use the appropriate amount of spray on plants as needed. There is no need for dilution as the Deadbug Brew spray comes premade. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is my close friend when it comes to pest control. It is a very effective and potent disinfectant. It can be diluted and used as a pest treatment to kill bacteria and insects. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide protects against pests without adding toxins to the soil.

Mix in four parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide to create the perfect disinfectant for your soil. The mixture can be sprayed anywhere in the garden to kill bugs, control fungal growth, improve the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, and boost overall plant health.

Neem Oil

Another great natural and organic alternative is neem oil. Neem is well known for its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. Keep in mind that neem oil is toxic for kids and pets. Therefore, strict caution is recommended while using it for plants placed in location easily accessible to them.

Make a neem oil mixture by adding a few drops in a gallon of warm water and two to three drops of liquid detergent. Use a spray bottle to apply this concoction around the garden to get rid of bugs and pests. (Check out our DIY Leaf Shine Recipe with Neem Oil)

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