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PlantTheStudio Winter Plant Guarantee For Philodendron

PlantTheStudio Winter Plant Guarantee For Philodendron

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PlantTheStudio Winter Plant Guarantee

Winter is definitely a challenging time of the year for plant shopping. Live plants are just as fragile as any living organisms and can suffer damage due to the cold. I personally have many instances where my plant babies came severely damaged due to inadequate packaging or lack of heat pack. 

We heard you, and now, this problem is no longer yours! PlantTheStudio is offering winter protection guarantees - which means if your plants arrive damaged or severely damaged from the cold, we will cover the damage and send you a replacement as long as adequate evidence is provided to us. A free heat pack and insulation material will be added to your package for free when you purchase this insurance. 

What this covers:

  1. Severely damaged plants due to weather conditions from shipping

What this does not cover:

  1. Damage to foliage from normal shipping
  2. Soil/medium spillage 
  3. Unrooted cuttings
  4. Mishandling by shipping carrier: damaged/crushed shipping box

Instructions for starting a claim:

  1. You will need to reach out within the 12 hour window after receiving the plant
  2. You must provide at least 3 pictures demonstrating the condition of the plant
  3. We will follow up with you as soon as we received the claim

Note - This insurance is for one order only and not refundable.This insurance does not apply to the following states: Alaska, Minnesota, Maine, North Dakota due to extremely cold local temperature.