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Hoya Mathilde | Carnosa x Serpens | Hoya cv Mathilde Splash Hybrid | Rooted Plants | House Plants | Rare Hoya | Rare Houseplant

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    Hoya Mathilde | Miniature Hoya Hybrid | Carnosa x Serpens | Newly Rooted Plants | House Plants | Rare Hoya | Rare Houseplant

    - The actual plant you will get might be slightly different than the one shown in pictures, but same size/amount of leafs.

    HOYA CV MATHILDE. (carnosa x serpens) Can grow as a compact vine on a little trellis and also in a hanging basket. The flowers are small and come in a cluster of very light pink, almost white flowers. The petals are very fuzzy.

    Sunlight is important for a Hoya plant, but indirect sunlight is best. Having the plant hanging directly in your window will cause the leaves to burn from the direct heat of the sun. A north-facing window provides the perfect light for a Hoya plant, but if you do not have that lighting option available, fluorescent lighting will do the job as well. They prefer morning sun, but if the light is not sufficient, the plant may not bloom.

    What it dislikes: Low-medium light, cold drafty windows. Particularly sensitive to over-watering. Portlanders, be sure you have a bright enough spot to keep this one happy!

    -WATERING- Improper watering and soil moisture conditions is probably one of the most common downfalls in houseplant care.

    When you water, you should thoroughly soak the potting media. Water until all the soil is saturated and all excess water drains away through the drainage hole. ALWAYS have a drainage hole!

    On that note, feel the potting mix with your finger to know when it is dry. Pick up the pot and also notice when it is very light. You will get to know when the soil has completely dried out.

    In the winter, you can go even longer in between watering since reduced light and perhaps cooler temperatures indoors will slow down, or even halt, growth.

    -SOIL- A Hoya plant needs soil that is rich, aerated, and drains well. Personally, I create an organic soil mix that really helps my Hoyas prosper and grow. It is made from organic potting soil, compost, worm casings, and fine fir bark. If you have your Hoyas planted in a pot, they like being in close quarters, so transplanting the Hoya into a larger planter may do more harm than good.

    A good succulent or cactus mix, to which you add some perlite would make a wonderful mix for this plant. Remember, sharp drainage is important for any plant, but especially for epiphytes.

    Hoyas in general like smaller pots and like to be root bound. My own plant came in a tiny pot and I will leave it in there for quite a while.

    As a general rule of thumb, Hoyas need repotting much less frequently than other plants and are content to be in the same pot for years.

    **Shipping** Due to the fragile nature, plants might develop stress during transit. Please do expect that plants may have small amounts of damage during shipping, but if it has above normal damage, please send a photo of the damage the day it arrives and we will send you a new one.

    - We STRONGLY encourage you to purchase a heat pack since New York is expected to be below 50 degrees until spring. Plant damages due to weather without heat pack will not be replaced or refunded.


    - When your plant arrives, avoid placing it in direct or very bright light.

    - Please allow your plant to acclimate to its new environment and wait at least 3-4 weeks before repotting.

    - We recommend that you research care needs for your plant.

    - Please contact us immediately if you are having problems with your plant at

    Return Policy

    - All live plants sales are final.

    - If your plant arrived dead or in a very poor condition, email us at within 12 hours of receipt, with photos showing the condition. 

    Shipping Policy

    - We do our best preparing your plants for shipment so they will arrive at your home healthily. However, some plants are tend to be more fragile and could show signs of stress after shipping. This is normal and will recover after a couple days.

    - If not specified, all plants will be shipped bare rooted. 

    - Standard shipping insurance is included with USPS priority mail, additional insurance could be purchased separately. Please reach out to to learn more.