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Hoya Kerrii Heart

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    Hoya Kerrii Heart | Sweetheart Plant | Valentine Hoya | Indoor Outdoor Plant | Succulent | Cactus | House Plant | One Leaf | Great Gift for Valentine's Day

    Hoya kerrii is semi-succulent, with thick waxy leaves, flowers and stems.
    For the right person this is the perfect Valentine's gift to give or receive and this is the reason this plant sometimes goes by the name Valentine Hoya.

    -LIGHT- This plant will need a reasonably light room in order to actually grow, although it will still get by even if you pick a shadier spot, very dark places need to be avoided though. Sunlight is acceptable too, so in reality you could position it almost anywhere in your home or office.

    -WATERING- With its succulent qualities it's quite adapt at storing water for longish periods of time between waterings. This makes it a hardy and undemanding plant for the most part, of course only providing basic care will result in a surviving rather than thriving plant, so where possible wait until the soil has dried out a little and then water again.

    This means don't wait long periods between watering's just because you can. Do be careful not to overdo it though! The soil should never be saturated or boggy as this will lead to rotting. Take special care if the pot it comes in has no drainage holes.

    -HUMIDITY- The thick Sweetheart Plant succulent like leaves aren't bothered about humidity levels so you needn't be either.

    -FEEDING- Only a little feeding is required if the plant is small or exists as a single leaf. Twice a year at most. If you've an older plant or that single leaf is throwing out new shoots you can feed a little more. Even then though you don't need to be doing it more than four times a year. The Sweetheart Plant is not a very heavy feeder.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any question!

    **We STRONGLY encourage you to purchase a heat pack since New York is expected to be below 50 degrees until spring. Plant damages due to weather without heat pack will not be replaced or refunded.


    - When your plant arrives, avoid placing it in direct or very bright light.

    - Please allow your plant to acclimate to its new environment and wait at least 3-4 weeks before repotting.

    - We recommend that you research care needs for your plant.

    - Please contact us immediately if you are having problems with your plant at

    Return Policy

    - All live plants sales are final.

    - If your plant arrived dead or in a very poor condition, email us at within 12 hours of receipt, with photos showing the condition. 

    Shipping Policy

    - We do our best preparing your plants for shipment so they will arrive at your home healthily. However, some plants are tend to be more fragile and could show signs of stress after shipping. This is normal and will recover after a couple days.

    - If not specified, all plants will be shipped bare rooted. 

    - Standard shipping insurance is included with USPS priority mail, additional insurance could be purchased separately. Please reach out to to learn more.