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String Of Pearls Plants Succulents

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    String Of Pearls Plants Succulents Treasures Senecio Rowleyanus Hanging Terrarium Succulent Plants

    *Actual plant might be slightly different than shown

    Medium to bright indirect light. Less is more when it comes to watering; we like to wait until the leaves pucker slightly.

    The plant dislikes - Direct sun, artificial light, dark corners.

    -WATERING & FEEDING- This succulent plant stores water in its leaves and can go for long periods of time without watering and why it does not require excessive watering.

    Water it moderately during the summer months and reduce the frequency during winter. Watch out for overwatering!

    Because it does not develop an extensive root system, it does not need to be lots of fertilizer.Fed during the spring and summer months with a diluted liquid fertilizer. Do NOT fertilize at all during winter.

    -SOIL- Any regular succulent potting soil is fine, but sandy soil is best. A good choice for this plant is a cactus potting mix; alternatively, use a 3:1 mix of potting soil and sharp sand. These plants are very sensitive to too much water, so be sure to use a well draining soil with plenty of pumice and/or perlite.

    **Shipping** This plant will be shipped in a paper planter as shown in the picture. Due to the fragile nature, plants might develop stress during transit. Please do expect that plants may have small amounts of damage during shipping, but if it has above normal damage, please send a photo of the damage the day it arrives and we will send you a new one.


    - When your plant arrives, avoid placing it in direct or very bright light.

    - Please allow your plant to acclimate to its new environment and wait at least 3-4 weeks before repotting.

    - We recommend that you research care needs for your plant.

    - Please contact us immediately if you are having problems with your plant at

    Return Policy

    - All live plants sales are final.

    - If your plant arrived dead or in a very poor condition, email us at within 12 hours of receipt, with photos showing the condition. 

    Shipping Policy

    - We do our best preparing your plants for shipment so they will arrive at your home healthily. However, some plants are tend to be more fragile and could show signs of stress after shipping. This is normal and will recover after a couple days.

    - If not specified, all plants will be shipped bare rooted. 

    - Standard shipping insurance is included with USPS priority mail, additional insurance could be purchased separately. Please reach out to to learn more.