A Comparison - Hoya villosa/globulosa vs. Hoya sp. Motuo

Lately I've received a couple inquiries from our customers asking about hoya sp. motuo in terms of its origin, background, differences and etc. Therefore, I figured it might be useful to write down some information that my friend sent me through an interview with a Chinese nursery who was involved in the discovery and propagation of this type.

Please note - This article is by no means a scientific research or publication as all information were obtained verbally and no written support had been verified. Feel free to share this page but please do not alter or reference without our explicit agreement.


Hoya sp. motuo was first discovered in the mountain areas of Motuo County 墨脱县, Nyingchi District of Tibet (see excerpt below). There are not many documentations on this specific specie on the web due to a couple of reasons:

1. They were primarily living in the dangerous canyon terrains with relatively lower altitude filled with toxic insects and wild animals. The terrain and the surround in general presents a difficulty for the excation team.

2. The habitat was considered a military restricted zone, any personnel who goes into and out of the area must be thoroughly inspected. Therefore, aside from Hoya sp. motuo, there are many other native hoyas that have very special traits but currently still haven't been published or even mentioned to the public. 

Motuo county

 (Picture credit Googlemap)


The main difference between hoya sp. motuo and villosa/globulosa is the lack of fuzziness. In China, the name for villosa/globulosa literally translate to "Hairy Hoya" to emphasize the fuzziness characteristic. Unlike villosa, sp. motuo does not have any fuzziness on any part of the plant, including the top/back of the leaf, stem of the flower and etc. 

In addition, the villosa/globulosa generally have a thicker leaf than sp. motuo. In contrast, sp. Motuo has cleaner veins on the back of the leaf and it's generally more symmetrical. See sample picture below:


Left is Globluosa, right is sp. Motuo.

Hoya globluosa vs Hoya Motuo 1

Left is Globluosa, right is sp. Motuo. Front of the leaf.

Hoya globluosa vs Hoya Motuo 2

Left is Globluosa, right is sp. Motuo. Back of the leaf.

Hoya globluosa vs Hoya Motuo 3

Left is Globluosa, right is sp. Motuo. Stem.


**Interviewed performed by Koryn with the Owner of Jadeitegarden, appreciate the sharing of knowledge and helpful background. Posting here with the approval of both the interviewer and the interviewee.**

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